8 thoughts on “Dear Capital One…”

  1. Well, if you have the time.

    A family member occasionally stuffs these reply envelopes with other junk mail and mails them back.
    Their rationale:
    It gets rid of their other junk mail
    It keeps the USPS afloat
    It provides jobs for workers who process the replies.

    • thats exactly what I do too. ?if I overstuff them do they have to pay postage due? I also put in gospel tracts, just in case.

    • I hate to break to you, but they use the bulk rate mailings, so you are worth something less than a first-class stamp.

      • Did you ever notice that when somebody says “I hate to break it to you” that they usually have a touch of sarcasm in their voice?

  2. I know of someone that cut out the front of the envelope and mailed a box with an old tire in it back to them.

  3. I certainly hope that Capital One enjoyed the drawing. I thought it was very thoughtful of the guy to do that for them.

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