10 thoughts on “Roach infestation – Get ready to squirm”

  1. How the fuck did it get that bad?! EW! …I’ve seen worse. One time, we lifted the lid to our sewage line, they came crawling out in droves. And they weren’t teenie weenie little ones like those; they were as big as your thumb. I screamed like a little bitch and ran out of there. ….of course, I was like… 11 at the time.

    • I once had an apartment that I rented out that was almost this bad. That episode got me out of the rental property business.

  2. The absolute worst part is that his (has to be a ‘his’) bed is on the floor about five feet away from all that.

  3. i like how he says he’ll turn the camera back on after he does the treatment and then the video cuts off.

  4. I was an Orkin man about 30 years ago. I got called in to treat a restaurant and scheduled it for Saturday night after everything was closed. I started fogging the place and roaches started coming out of the ceilings, cabinets, floor, everywhere. There must have been millions. Kind of spooky. I thought seriously about “screaming like a little bitch and running out of there…” 🙂

  5. Boy I could tell stories about roaches in houses I’ve had to work in. Bet you could too, BillthePainter and Gary.

    • Roaches, rats; cats and dogs that potty all over…”watch where you step”.
      But yeah, the only way I’d enter that house is with a flamethrower.

  6. I was charged with cleaning out a long-term stay motel before and while most people there lived clean lives, there were some people who had places just like that, even worse. You should see the pics I have of roach infested rooms. Being that it was a motel and not a “residence”, we can kick people out at will. No stupid notices, no eviction processes. In order to effectively rid the problem, you can’t just do the one room, else they just all run to another room so we had to kick everyone out, tell them to go to the library or something, open up every single room and bomb the entire 150 room hotel. Talk about fun. It’s only nasty at first, then it’s kinda fun to kill ’em all.

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