15 thoughts on “Stealin’ ain’t easy…”

  1. I have thought for years that manually shifted cars had a built-in anti-theft device, and this video helps prove this.

    I have heard only about 5% of Americans know how to drive a manual transmission–that is why I am thinking about making my next car a stick shift so I don’t have to worry about someone stealing it–or taking it far.

      • Unless that video is flipped, the truck is right hand drive. Which makes it odd, because pistols are fairly rare in Britain. Perhaps it’s in South Africa.

      • Just about any sports car can be ordered with a stick shift including Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers, 370Z’s, Miata’s, Porsche’s, Corvettes, Viper’s, etc…and any pickup or small foreign car.

  2. I have an older 4 cylinder, 5 speed PU that seems to have a mind of its own. Some time I feel like doing the same as that gentleman.

  3. When my daughter started driving, she had to learn how to drive a manual shift, or not drive at all. She learned very quickly…

  4. I’ve had 5 cars in my lifetime….the current one is my first A/T….boy do I miss a stick! I couldn’t find a V8 SUV with a manual….only A/T….I was pissed.

  5. This actually happened to my brother once a few years ago. A couple of kids with a gun tried to rob him (he had no cash) and then steal his car but they couldn’t figure out the stick shift. My brother was there lying on the ground trying to explain about holding in the clutch while putting it in reverse but in frustration they gave up and ran across the street into a nearby building where they were promptly arrested.

  6. My 2009 VW Jetta is a stick. I love it! The car I had before was also a stick. My girlfriend drives a ’98 Honda Civic that’s a manual. I’ve had a couple more manuals over time. Sometimes an automatic would be easier, but a stick is so much more fun!

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