11 thoughts on “Sophie can walk, finally”

  1. babies walk when they get ready too. THIS GUY IS AN IDIOT to think a baby can walk as soon as it comes out the “gate” as he says. Got to learn to crawl first dummy.

    • Don’t you realize this is a comedy video? He expected the baby to walk at birth… come on.
      A friend of mine used to say that he was so so shocked from being born that he didn’t talk for a year. Same idea here.

  2. my older daughther started walking at 6 months. Needless to say, it shocked everyone. She didn’t quite stand up to my knee. But, like Wally said, she should have crawled more first to develop a better sense of balance. When my younger daughter came along, we kept pushing her down. Didn’t want another one walking that fast… 🙂

  3. I know it’s probably just me, but this is retarded. There are so many children that are born with so many disabilities that this isn’t even remotely funny. It’s quite offensive really.

    • Well, as an aunt to a beautiful boy with Down Syndrome, I find your use of the word ‘retarted’ offensive.

      • My use of the word “retarded” was intentional. Retarded to me is normal people who lack common sense. When was the last time you actually heard anyone use the word “retarded” to describe someone with a mental or physical handicap? The 80’s? But yes, otherwise normal people who act retarded are just that, RETARDED.

        BTW, I used the word “retarded”, not “retarted”.

  4. It was so sad to see the doctors say that she just COULD NOT walk for a year. They ordered no tests, no physical therapy. Shocking. Just shocking. This was in New York City – I hope that doctors in other cities aren’t as cold and unfeeling. I just feel. . . I just. . . I need to get away from this computer for a while. The sadness in the world. . .

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