B&P Link Dump

BlackberryGrab-A-Seat  –  Pay what you weigh airfare

Claim your free trip to space from Virgin Atlantic

Screenless Blackberry debuts   Right arrow2

Planet of the Apps Gorillas get iPads

Nuclear Launch Codes discovered on White House website

Masturbation calms restless leg syndrome

Twitter to charge per tweet

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple chief

Firefox add-on to ‘opt out’ of April Fools pranks


IKEA debuts Doggy Highchair   Down arrow

21 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump”

  1. And the Steven Jobs story was O.K. until the “bowling” reference. Can you picture Bill Gates trying to throw a bowling ball?

  2. i have a real april fools prank in the works

    tonight use the free webcam sites at 8 pm est to look at the corner of 46th and Broadway in nyc.

  3. I made the mistake of following isiah’s instruction exactly. I went to the site at 9 pm edt, which would be 8 pm est.

  4. yes sorry was a double prank

    I got about 30 people thinking that they were going on a blind date to meetup at one corner in nyc, by posting to various dating sites with fake profiles.

    then i got another 30 people or so to watch a totally different corner at the same time.

    so about 60 people were pranked at the same time globally.

    happy april fools day, I hope you all appreciated the multiple levels of irony involved.

    • I’m sure all those lonely people hoping to meet a potential life partner really thought it was funny

      *slow clap*

      Meeting people is hard as it is without some d… i’ll stop there 🙂

      • i actually made a good faith effort to pair people up.

        The ones that I couldn’t thought they were going to some NSA meetups so yeah they weren’t really looking for love.

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