12 thoughts on “Patrick is getting better”

  1. omfg! People that do that to animals should be eligible for the Death Penalty! Bastids! I mean the neglecter’s, not the feeder/bather… “omg she’s bathing that dog”… no.

  2. He is such a beautiful dog. How could anyone look into those eyes and do such a thing? I hope if no one else catches up with the individual who did this, Karma does. I hear she’s a real bitch.

  3. Let me have the bitch that did this for 5 minutes and I’ll walk away very satisfied…and she won’t walk away at all…hobble maybe, but not walk.

  4. I love you Patrick. I just love you. Wish I (and a bazillion other people by the sound of it) could give you a squeezy hug… after you put on some more weight of course. It’s comforting to know that you will be cherished and adored and valued and WELL FED for the rest of your doggie life.

  5. I hope Patrick pulls through. The poor boy has been through a lot. πŸ™ oxoxox Patrick, we love you!

  6. OK, so that woman is a horrible person, but:
    “Patrick was tied to a stairway railing with a leather leash, Mark Ortman, a security guard at the 520-unit complex, said today in a phone interview. He said residents started complaining about the dog about a month and a half ago.

    β€œIt would whimper, and it would yelp when you would come up to it,” Ortman said.”

    Dog was tied, whimpering and getting more and more emaciated, and NO ONE helped it for over a month? ALL of those people are complicit in this.

    • The woman’s mother is using that as a defense, pointing out she didn’t leave the dog to die, she left it where anyone could take it. I guess Patrick was so hungry he ate the signs that said “Free to a good home.”

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