17 thoughts on “March Sadness”

  1. What’s with the female enforcement officer showing up in sweats and a pony tail? Must her dress code for a little 1-on-1.

  2. They are such victims – the pole is not on their property… doesn’t anyone notice that? Whatever happened to responsible citizenship?

    • steve – try not maintaining that 7 feet and you get a fine for not keeping your property presentable. it is an easement which means they can expand into or add utility’s in that area but it is your property you still pay taxes on it.

      • Which law school did you attend? You don’t really know what you are saying but, on the Internet, everyone can be an expert!

        • Just the voice of experience. was selling a 6 acre piece of property in Washington state that had 1/4 mile of frontage along a county road. I was charged for weed removal along the side of the road by the county because “it is my property up to the pavement until they decide to take it from me.” Spokane county’s words not mine.

          • So, wouldn’t you say that multiple letters from the state clearly outlining a 7-foot limit from the pavement constitutes their control of their easement?

            • not arguing that at all and not arguing the b-ball hoop being in violation because it was a “permanent fixture”. was only arguing the “not your property”. if it had been me i would have mounted a rolling base on it after the first letter that eliminates their violation.

  3. well now that the kids have nothing to do i say we get some spray paint and have fun with the jerk neighbor that did the complaining. maybe throw some wild party’s, or start a meth lab to keep the kiddos busy.

  4. I understand if it’s a law that it cannot be there. A stupid one, but there are plenty of those.
    But for her to tell them they can lay the pole in their driveway and then take the pole regardless is complete bullshit, what a lying cow.

  5. Does the Delaware DOT really have so little to do that they have time to confiscate rogue basketball goals? Really???
    Shouldn’t a local neighborhood be under the jurisdiction of the county or city anyway?

  6. Glad to see DE has solved all their other problems and are now addressing a 60 year old basketball hoop at the end of a cul-de-sac.

    • I am glad I don’t live near you. When you have a party that runs until 3 a.m. on the night I have to work will you shoot out my tires if I complain? Sheesh…

  7. Deleware is fucked up anyway, I don’t even think they are still a state are they..ripping basket ball goals down, gimme a break

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