27 thoughts on “Internet speeds and costs around the world”

  1. Here are my results:

    Ping: 19 ms
    Download speed: .33 Mbps
    Upload speed: .31 Mbps

    And this is with three tabs open in Firefox (the third used for the testing), as well as two Internet Explorer windows open–one on a radio website and the other streaming that radio station so I can listen to the music.

    My speed seems okay–I can watch shows on Hulu without any issues.

  2. The corporative connection is so bad I can’t download the SpeedTest file!
    After 4 tries, I got an Upload test error… Looks like I’ll use my own 3G modem next time.
    A question, where is Argentina in the rating?

  3. Firefox 3.6 and Comcast Broadband ISP
    Downloaad 15.+ mbps
    Upload 1.+ mbps

    I was somewhat surprised by low National average.

  4. Now I’m really feel in the 3rd world… I don’t know if say Thanks Jonco…

    Lenny, from the bottom of the top 5000 average broadband speed … 😉

  5. What is the deal with Australia on that map? It’s colored as a <$1 country yet is unlabeled and omitted from the comparison chart on the bottom. What gives?

  6. My company has several hundred people working out of their homes and I’m part of their tech support. We have them use speedtest regularly. Of course, your speed fluctuates constantly, depending on the provider, how their system works, whether they ‘boost’ or not, how far you are from their server and a million other variables. I know that Congress was discussing regulating the minimums at one time, but haven’t heard anything on that lately. I’m 13.87 mbps down, 1.41 mpbs up.

  7. 14.46down/1.05up at home, not at work, Southern Ontario-Cogeco, = gamer ping ftw.

    Check out the difference in upload between Cap’n Hatchmo and Mark up there, I’d sacrifice ten of the 59Mb/s DL for that kind of upload… WOW!


    I just remembered the articles about Google’s 1Gb/s fiber optic internet… Yes that’s an G as in “Good God” in that Gb/s, keep your eyes open for that one guys(and girls) xD

  8. I tried it twice. The first was using the STL area. My results were

    When I used the random area chosen, these are the results.


    I have no idea if the numbers are good or bad.

    • The wrong coast of Missouri as far as I’m concerned. 🙁
      Nah, I’m happy for my fellow Missourians over there.

  9. Verizon DSL. Paying for 1.5-3.0 Mb/s download. Getting 0.765 Mb/s download, 0.38 upload, ping of 55ms. Speedtest.net grades this as F. Everytime I call to complain, they explain that there is absolutely nothing wrong on their end, then, soon after I hang up, download goes back to 1.5Mb/s. Same routine every month or two. No other service available in this town. (Other people sell DSL service here, but they are just selling you Verizon’s service under their name.)

  10. 11Ms Ping; Download .67 Mbps; Upload .33 Mbps. AT&T DSL, $24.95/month Internet only, Internet Explorer 7. And now AT&T is changing all the rules, and the only other choice I have is Time Warner, which I despise.

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