3 thoughts on “Don’t superglue a hat to your head”

  1. I saw this on another site and was very amused. There is something called “spirit gum” that is used by actors to glue beards on their faces. It removes easily with baby oil and soap and water. What kind of moron actually Super-glues something to his head and then goes to the ER without covering it up with a bandanna or even a real hat? I hope this genius never lives this event down and that everyone in the world will forever call him “Hat Boy.”

    And if you’re gonna bash on him this much; please only bash, as I have, on his stupidity and nothing else.

  2. These are the sort of idiots who are putting a strain on the NHS here in the UK. People like this should be charged a fee for the time that the doctors and nurses have had to take to remove his complete act of stupidity. Personally, I’ve avoided going to hospital with broken fingers and a dislocated thumb before, as I feel that these types of injuries are too minor to go to A&E (ER) for, so have sorted them myself. (Rant now over, sorry fellow B&P’ers…)

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