Breastfeeding doll stirs debate

Breastfeeding dollAmerican girls own dolls that pee, dolls that suck on a bottle, dolls that burp or sit on a potty — and all are accepted as appropriate by most adults.

But a new doll that breastfeeds has pitted expert against expert and mom against mom over whether this toy has gone too far.

The Bebe Gloton doll is currently sold only in Spain, though Berjuan, the company that makes the toy, said that it will be marketed in the United States next year. The doll allows children to imitate the act of breastfeeding by using a special halter top that comes with the toy. The halter top is made from a colorful material with two flowers positioned where nipples would be.

When the mouth of the doll is brought close to a sensor embedded in the flower, the baby makes motions and sounds consistent with suckling.

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6 thoughts on “Breastfeeding doll stirs debate”

  1. My friend’s nine year daughter is already concerned how her breasts look. She is getting good at accentuating her mammary assets. (Yes, they are noticeable and surely the subject of adoration of the nine year old boys in her class). She usually checks the mirror to make sure her jeans don’t make her “ass” look too big – her words. Her dad has got her heavily into sports this year for a hopeful distraction.

    Therefore, I see nothing wrong in a doll that teaches girls that breasts have a purpose other than just sensual pleasure and sexual gratification. Sorry Infidel, it had to happen sometime. Just sayin.

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