Lunchtime clock

Lunchtime-ClockWhat if you could add 12 minutes extra to your lunch break? Sure, it doesn’t seem like much, but that’s 12 minutes you would have spent at your desk pretending to work.

This do-it-yourself lunchtime clock can be set to speed up by 20 percent at 11 a.m. and slow down 20 percent every day at 11:48 a.m. So, at 11:48, the clock will read Noon (lunchtime) and by 1 p.m., the clock will be back in sync.

When all is said and done, you’ve slacked off an extra 12 minutes. Now all you need is an office with only one clock and an oblivious boss that doesn’t use a watch or a cellphone.

Check out the following link for the build instructions. — Instructables via CubicleBot

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  1. Better yet, have a boss that likes to take extra long lunch breaks and hang out with him/her…My boss and I would leave for lunch at 11:30 and be back promptly at 1…or 1:30.

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