10 thoughts on “In lieu of flowers…”

  1. Because voting along party lines no matter who the candidates are is the antithesis of intelligence, but the folks who do it don’t know that.

    • Watch what you say! George Bush was able to stay in power for 2 terms! Eons from now people of the future will be wondering what kinds of drugs the majority of the population was taking on those crazy 2000’s!

  2. For my funeral, please donate cash to the SPCA. And plant flowers all over my grave. Don’t bother embalming me. And plant a lavender plant in your backyard in my honour. Auction my stuff off and donate to the SPCA. HUZZAH!

  3. donald must have had a real ax to grind.

    still nice to see a family respecting his wishes.

    when I die all of my money should go the least respectable law firm on earth.
    A. they would keep it
    B. they would have the resources to defend keeping it in court
    C. None of my children will ever run a really poorly run company based off inherited wealth.

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