Snowball tree

Mar snow6

I took these pictures this morning while walking the dogs.  The sun is shining brightly on the 6 inch snowfall that’s clinging to everything.  You can click the pictures below to enlarge them.  You might notice that the one below with Gus doing his business on the street.  The flag pole in the background was the same one featured in the Christmas morning photo I posted here.

Mar snow1 Mar snow2  Mar snow9 Mar snow8  Mar snow5 Mar snow7  

10 thoughts on “Snowball tree”

    • Gus spent his first 5 years in a kennel. He poops on pavement most of the time but he’s getting better at pooping in the grass. And NO, I don’t leave it there. I’d actually prefer he poop on the pavement. It’s easier to find. The day before yesterday I had to clean off my shoes and the carpet after I’d inadvertently stepped in a pile in the yard.

  1. nice pics, really like the deck/view
    here’s a pic from behind my house at the horse barn
    a little to big to post it here
    ” rel=”nofollow”>hills

  2. The weather that hit you has now gone through Atlanta leaving a lot of destruction in it’s wake. The usual uprooted trees were joined by hundreds of hail damaged vehicles and homes.

  3. Crazy weather! And spring is supposed to be around the corner, right? It’s autumn down under now, man. Leaves are rusty and falling!

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