7 thoughts on “Solution to obesity epidemic”

  1. This assumes people would merely eat out of hunger or addiction, but, as we know, the problem of obesity (specifically, overeating) is much more complex than simply not eating the right foods.

    Other than that, Homer Simpson once did something like that, accidentally cross breeding tobacco with tomatoes, thus creating “Tomacco”. It sold pretty well, but failed to make him thin.

    • Tomacco is a real thing. A fella (I forget his name) came up with it in 60’s by taking rootstock of tobacco plant and splicing in a bud of tomato plant. This is possible since both tomato and tobacco belong to nightshade family. Tomatoes that grew from the plant contained nicotine.

      • I did not know that. At any rate, this is how we know nicotine-laced veg isn’t the cure to obesity.

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