Film set locations around the world

Film locationsEver wondered if some movies were filmed in your neighborhood?

BoxOfficeQuant, a site about statistics and film, has taken the top 2,000 films from 1910-2010 according to IMDB, and fed their locations into a Google Map. In total the map shows 9,736 locations from the 2,000 films.

You can zoom in on the map found here and see what was filmed near you. 

By zooming in I found the films Up In The Air, Escape From New York, National Lampoon’s Vacation, The Informant and Manhunter were all filmed in St. Louis.

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Some of these had just a scene or two that were filed here.  Others, like Up In The Air and Escape From New York had much of the film shot here.There were other films shot here, but I guess they didn’t make the top 2,000.  A couple that come to mind are White Palace and Larger Than Life starring Bill Murray and an elephant.



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  1. I watched from my office window at 51st and 6th Ave. (NYC) when Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant shot a scene from Two Weeks Notice on the sidewalk below. It’s not on the map, but then the map showed no movies shot at Rockefeller Center which is ludicrous.

      • There were at least two big Burt Reynolds movies filmed in Atlanta including Smokey and the Bandit, but they aren’t on the list. Who made this thing?

        • They were filming part of Smokey and the bandit near my home when I was in high school. The football varsity cheerleaders hatched the idea that they would all cut class, drive over and maybe see Burt Reynolds. They thought. “We’re varsity cheerleaders what are they gonna do? At most we’ll get a stern warning not to do it again.
          Things they didn’t account for:
          A) This was the era of corporal punishment…and more importantly
          B) The Enforcer, Peggy “Bam Bam” Walker…Assistant Principle in charge of discipline.
          When they returned, Bam Bam and her two handed paddle promptly administered three licks to each cheerleader’s behind….Behold, there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

  2. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
    Almost Famous
    Public Enemies
    Three Kings
    Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
    Easy Rider
    The Postman
    Major League
    Wild Wild West
    The Quick and the Dead
    Three Amigos!
    The Outlaw Josey Wales
    Rio Bravo

    I know there are many others that weren’t listed. They were just filming a movie here last month called “GOATS” with David Duchovony and Minnie Driver

  3. While interesting, the map was missing more movies than it showed. Although it did get two movies shot in Prince George, B.C. Hooray, Bella…

  4. bruce almighty, kinda knew that one since it came out the year I moved here and everyone was making a big deal about it. A few in the falls area.

  5. I watched them film the scene in Escape From New York, where the helicopters land and Lee Van Cleef gets out. It was filmed in the empty lot across from my moms work on 18th and Locust.

    I was just a kid, but I remember a guy from the movie crew being up on the roof with us with a radio talking to the helicopter pilots.


    • I visited two of the locations: 1.) somewhere downtown where Air Force One had ‘crashed’. When I was there they were taking airplane seats of of a big truck and placing them around a part of an airplane fuselage that was on the ground on a vacant lot. A man was painting the jagged edge of the fuselage black to indicate a fire had taken place. 2.) They had built a very tall plywood wall on the Missouri side of the Chain of Rocks Bridge (had been closed to traffic for several years). I later found out that the wall was used to simulate the prison wall where Snake Plissken was held. They also filed another scene or two on the bridge itself.

  6. They are missing SLC Punk…. It kind of has SLC in the title people. (and then of course they are missing Evanston, WY since that was where the fireworks stand took place… I am from Evanston myself.)

  7. The Graduate (1967) is noticeably absent from Santa Barbara locations. The Ten Commandments (1923) by Cecil. B. DeMille was the largest set in movie history, filmed in the dunes near Guadalupe, CA, but it is not listed. It was called “The City of the Pharaoh.”

  8. Also, the movies Into the Wild, Chinatown, Dawn of the Dead, Waterworld, Far and Away, and Life as a House are marked on Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa Islands, but taggged that they were filmed on Santa Catalina Island.

    Santa Catalina is to the south, off the Palos Verdes Peninsula (26 miles across the sea…)

  9. Milk is tagged as the Federal Building in San Francisco, California, USA, but the location is shown in Tijuana, Mexico.

    The Wedding Singer is tagged as filmed in La Canada, California, but shown on the map at Arroyo Grande, CA

    This is full of errors, but still fun… “All your movie locations are belong to us”

    Try for more accurate location listings.

  10. I think there are some missing in Tenerife, Canary Islands. Planet of the Apes, some bits in Star Wars (not entirely sure about that, though)

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