9 thoughts on “Japan earthquake swarm Google Earth animation”

  1. I could be wrong, but I don’t think each dot represents a different earthquake, but rather the dots represent different earthquake sensors recording data on the same earthquakes.

  2. All this from the feeble earth we are so close to destroying. Maybe those who believe they change the earth’s timeless natural processes should switch to working on stopping earthquakes and tsunamis.

    • I am almost stunned into silence trying to comprehend the lives that are gone, the damage that is done, and the disaster that may be around the corner. This is scary shit! Remember the old poster in the 70’s, I had one hanging in my room. Jesus H Christ, this is bad and once the shifting starts, as with Chile, New Zealand, etc. it keeps on a moving. Can’t tell l’il ole me that sucking all that oil, minerals, etc isn’t changing the earth. My rant. Now the poster. LOL!


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