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    • let’s not be try-hards here it’s understood that the 20 precedes the 01 and 11 so it can be left out

  1. It is surely the height of American egotism to equate a terrorist attack with what is undoubtedly one of the worst natural disasters in human history.

  2. its funny how everyone thinks 9/11 was terrorists please tell me where the plane went that crashed. Into the pentagon or reporters yelling it was a bomb before plane hit or the fact that its entire bull shot it was the government get with the picture hey make sure you get that chip implant too fuc the government what do they do to help us not shot if someone can prove to me it was terrorists when I have. honest reporter friends coming to me. I’m a well known actor…ever watch the show house I’ve got repital people telling me shot so fuc off with the terrorist bit

  3. Yeah..okay. People are ridiculous. I would actually come to the conclusion that it were pretty interesting if the date was 03-10-11. The fact that it was completely manifested,makes me think of how stupid people can be. Congrats to whoever came up with that morons!

  4. what’s so special about the 9th of novemebr 2001 and the 3rd of october 2011 hasn’t even happened yet.

  5. Kosmo, it’s read the 11th of September, 2001 (9/11) and the 10th of March,2011 (Tsunami in Japan).

    When you add the two numbers it’s important to note that the 9/11/01 was when the date in America that it happened and 3/10/11 was the date IN AMERICA that the tsunami hit Japan. It would be an unequal comparison to compare dates derived from two different countries. It’s like adding apples and oranges.

        • We gotta take these bastards. Now we could do it with conventional weapons, but that could take years and cost millions of lives. No, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part!
          And we’re just the guys to do it.

    • Dude the date of the “end of the world” is 12/21/12. So WTC was 09/11/01
      JAP was 03/10/11

      We got a bunch of geniuses in the room. Here’s how the math is done.

  6. LOL! I’m having 70’s flashbacks reading some of these comments. Feels like I’ve been drinking but I know I haven’t been. 🙂

  7. Hey bitches I meant like well respected people with reputations and its also called do your research I wanna take a poll how many people in here actually think that 911 was terrorists its funny how it was exploding before planes hit

  8. Yes, two horrible things happened on both these days. But what about all the other natural disasters? The Sri Lank-an/Indian tsunami was just as bad… but add that to the equally bad Haiti earthquake and you don’t get 12 21 12, the apocalyptic date. Maybe it depends on the sequencing, the ORDER IN WHICH the natural disasters occurred? Of course, I may be looking for reasons that the world WON’T end on 12 21 12. The Mayans were the most intelligent group of humans to walk the Earth, in my opinion. They know what they are talking about. Another erie detail is that all the planets will be aligned on 12 21 12. I think the Mayans believed that the Sun would be the strongest on this day, sending flares. This is could be potentially problematic. Their “Sun God” could be the destroyer of the world. If that is the case, we have nothing to worry about (with all due respect to the Mayans’ beliefs).

    P.S. 9/11 is not even a natural disaster… it was planned. 9/11 was picked because it was an important day in Islamic history, because they won a battle of some sort.

  9. It’s not humor when you have to explain it to everyone. I’d hardly consider “Animal House” a must-watch film.

  10. Nothing like this is ever going to reveal anything significant when it’s based on a twisted (ie. American) sense of how dates should be rendered.

    • It may be twisted because of several things the least of which is because of how America presents dates. Of course how you view dates (wherever you’re from) is the correct way. Everyone else is just 100% wrong! Your religious beliefs are 100 accurate and everyone else is wrong and going to Hell too I’m sure.
      I pointed out how the correlation didn’t make sense because the earthquake took place on 3/11 not 3/10 (so sorry I didn’t conform to your date system) but I still found it interesting when you tie in the supposed end of the world happening on 12/21/2012. Of course you in your all-knowing magnificent brain you could confirm whether or not the world will end or not next year.
      You can make all kinds of connections with numbers (as Beth cutely did above) to make some kind of point or another. I’m sure you, in your divine wisdom, could come up with a connection using your holiest of thou date order system to some events around the world.
      End of rant. 🙂

    • You do realize that the plane’s wings were broken when they hit the ground. Did you think that the plane was going to make a nice level landing? The answer is no. People think that whenever something goes through a wall, there is to be a cartoon silhouette of that object. If only that were true, then you would be correct. I have a question for you now. How do you explain the debris that was found at the pentagon? There was indeed shrapnel from the plane found onsite. The camera that was set at recording one frame per second, which is why it is so grainy in the first place. The government never planned 9/11. What would you say to the families that lost their loved ones? “Sorry, but it didn’t actually happen. It wasn’t a plane that went into the pentagon, it was a bomb.” This theory you have is absurd and disgusting.

  11. Typical Americans thinks they are the center of the fukin universe.
    As others have stated you are combining two totaly seperate events, also what is MOST important is that they happened in different parts of the world keeping in mind the international dateline. The quake in Japan is recored at local time being 2.46pm 11 March 2011, it does not count if it was 10 March 2011 in America, who the fuk cares where YOU were when it happen.
    Typical of you Americans to blow everything out off proportion and come up with your own STUPID theories….
    So if America IS the center of the universe then you must be the only country in the world destined to be DOOMED on 12/22/12….good luck you bunch of Fukin IDOITS!!!

    • You DO NOT talk about us like that. First of all, it’s not an American theory. I agree, it’s crap. Some idiot made it up, maybe he/she was a American, and maybe they weren’t. All I know is that accusing us of being stupid enough to believe it is insulting. That rumor is for children. And it takes an “idoit” to not know how to spell “idiot”. ;I Red White And Blue With Our 50 Stars, Sucka! GO AMERICA! You suck for thinking we’re self centered. 🙂

  12. My nuts hurt………………………
    And everyone knows it wasnt Germans who bombed pearl harbor it was Barney!!!

  13. I just love how people are blaming Americans for this, Its too bad there are immature losers in this world, that actually have something against your nationality. This 2012 thing is for BABIES! Maybe if you had a brain you could infer that it’s just when the Mayan calendar ended. It has nothing to do with 1st grade math. The world will end when the sun explodes. 🙂

  14. 777(god’s number)
    – 666(satan’s number)
    x 3(the “magic” number)
    / 23(the “mysterious number that connects all things)
    + 7(lucky number)
    – 13(unlucky number)

    =2008 (barack obama became the 44th president of the U.S.A.)

    + 44(44th president)
    – 42(meaning of life)
    + 2(tribes that predicted 2012 – Hopi and Mayan)


  15. We’re all doomed unless you all get down on your knees and obey me!!!
    “I love you
    You love me
    Something something
    La la la!!!!”

  16. you all are fucking retards. you cant forget the 20! in 2011 lmao you guys are so fucking stupid. 9/11 wasnt a natural didsater. it was a insurance fraud from the government. they did it for money.

  17. I really dont give a fuck if the world ends in 2012, it would be awesome to see that shit, cuz were all gunna die anyways.

  18. wow you all are kind of annoying the posted stuff that isnt even related; because its interesting they dont care about all this other shit yall wana bring up like adding in the “20” part of 2011 and shit no one cares they didnt and thats what makes it interesting soo all can say is no life too you all who get on here and fight and say stupid shit

  19. jj is a fuck idiot cause says we must have no life cause were on here talking shit but what’s he doing he must have no life either lol fuck stupid ass

  20. Dont get your panties in a bunch….9/11/01 was man made, not a natural disaster…..so, come with something else

  21. all you who are so eager to show how smart you are “the quake happaned 3-11-11” yes it was 3-11-11 in JAPAN, Japan is across the international date line and 1 day ahead of the American continent, every calander that predicts the end of the earth “as we know it” on 12-21-12 is from a culture in S. America, so the quake date where the calanders originated would have been 3-10-11.

  22. 3/11/11 Japan earth quake tsunami, 9/11/2001 WTC, 1/11/2010 Haiti earth quake/tsunami,3/11/04 Madrid bombings,12/11/41 US declared war on Germany WWII,3/11/18 Influenza Virus first major outbreak,6/11/2009 Swine Virus declared pandemic, 8/11/1965 Watts Riot

    All of these dates happened on the 11th…(whether in Japan or US…doesn’t really matter..it was 11th somewhere)

    Adding 1+2+2+1+2+0+1+2=11

    The 11th just seems to be an unlucky number is all….Nobody needs to get all pissy with their panties in their asses….probably just a coincidence anyway… 🙂

  23. 9/11 wasn’t an inside job, but many people in America (including the government) knew of the plan. Many people didn’t go to work the day it happened.
    Anyone that thought it was an inside job is retarded; the government doesn’t hate us THAT much..

  24. FYI! Barak Obama is an alien in a human skin suit, 9-11 was not terrorisers, the plane had a bomb on the bottom and an explosion is seen before the planes impact the buildings, and Pearl Harbour was bombed by monkeys that came from the year 2158, so meh!

  25. OKAY, first of all the ones who were saying that 9/11 WAS NOT bush or the government who planned it are stupid. quit trying to be smart asses about it and actually answer the questions that were never answered about those attacks. There was no possible way a plane could of left the mark it did in the pentagon, go look at pictures watch videos read books, theres more than enough information to believe it, quit living n denial, you need to be aware that the government will do whatever it takes to do what they want, there were firefighters who were going to be interviewed about what they say and had to pick up and days later they cancelled their interview and never responded again. there are too many questions out there that need to be answered about 9/11 and they are all yet to be answered.

    and as for this 2012 thing… all i have to say is, super 8

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