9 thoughts on “Perhaps they’re making the packaging too tough”

  1. The packaging has gotten ridiculous. Try opening that package after flying somewhere and not having a pair of scissors like that nor a pocket knife to help you.

  2. It’s not the proper way to open this kind of package. You need a ball and a morningstar:

    1. Assemble in a room the director of the company that makes the product and the manager of the shop that sells the product;
    2. Watch as they are throwing the ball at each other (“We have no choice, the manufacturer packages the products” and “The shops ask us to package products like this”);
    3. Threaten them with the morningstar until they open the package with their bare hands and teeth for you.

    • yeap, you only really have to buy one pair of scissors in your whole life. Really. I still got my grandmothers’.

      Just don’t run with them and if they are your murder weapon throw them in a river and buy a second hand pair that have a different forensic imprint.

      PSA from grumpy.

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