5 thoughts on “An ‘OH SHIT’ moment”

  1. This reminds me of that time I fell off my bike; I yelled ‘OH FUCK!’ so damned loud, I think the little old lady whose house I fell in front would have been getting the soap ready to wash my mouth out with.

    But I was on the way to the clinic for a cold, and the doctor looked at my bruised knee while she was at it. …the bruise was huge. 😀

  2. I wasn’t a mortarman, but if I remember correctly, the shell has to travel and spin quickly to arm. However, I’ve got to say, I wouldn’t have stayed around to prove that.

  3. The first, and final, strike in the war against the Lilliputians. Victory was (almost) as swift as the hasty “strategic pull-back” of these valiant warriors.

    Run away!!!!!

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