Would Infdiel Shake It?

A few days ago we posed this mysterious question …  WISI

A little history: Mike Firesmith ran across this salt and pepper shaker set and sent it to Infidel with a cryptic WISI? message.  

WISI shakers

Infidel promised to send in an image of it when it arrived.  Infi secured his “personal Hooter girl Ashley” to pose with the shaker set.  (She’s a LOT better looking than Infi anyway.)

WISI girl

So WISI means Would Infidel Shake It?

15 thoughts on “Would Infdiel Shake It?”

  1. So then the answer is NO. Infidel wouldn’t shake it. He had to get Ashley to shake it for him.

  2. What a lovely set of ladies. Ashley is very purdy. I’m thinking Infi would shake both of them. 🙂

    Thanks Jonco, this was fun.

  3. It’s not gay at all for a man to send another man far far away that they met on the interweb a gift. Nope, not gay at all. LOL. Just playin. I’m just jealous, that’s all.

  4. Nothing that involves a large set of tits is gay, unless lesbians are involved, and even then it’s worth taking photos. That Ashley is kinda hot. Any woman that has a smile like that is up to no good and it good at it!

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