5 thoughts on “George Carlin autotuned and remixed”

  1. Really? I think George would have hated it.

    George Carlin has a certain tone and rhythm in how he talks. This totally takes away from it completely. I thought it was completely dumb.

    It’s like taking the “I have a dream” speech and autotuning it and changing up the tone and tempo. It’ll completely suck.

    • I liked it, but I have a feeling that you’re right.. that George wouldn’t have liked it at all. He was such a perfectionist when it came to his words and how he used them. He might have come up with a routine that scalded (for lack a better word) the auto-tune phenomenon especially when it came to his work. He was a master when it came to language.

  2. there is only one way to know for sure and that is to ask the man.. But he is dead. So we will never know.

    However, his word lives on, and since this is defenately better than 99.9% of all the rap that has been created for the past 10 years, i personally think this is defenately not an insult 🙂

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