11 thoughts on “St. Louis baby laughs hysterically at ripping paper”

  1. I stuck a coffee stirrer straw in a cup of coffee. While it was submerged I placed my thumb on the top. I then lifted it out of the cup and took my thumb off. A tiny portion of coffee came out of the straw.

    My son thought this was the funniest thing in human history and made me do it for half an hour.

  2. Loos like either an English teacher or a defense attorney in the making
    This is how the attorneys at Enron started out….

  3. A child’s belly laugh–one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.

    I liked how the baby was trying to rip paper too.

  4. My wife said, after watching this, “It doesn’t make any difference how much of a bad mood you’re in, watching this will lift you and make you laugh out loud.”
    Never a true a word mentioned…

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