37 thoughts on “A plan to stop global warming”

  1. Or better still, 55gal drums welded to a steel water wheel a couple of hundred feet offshore and connected by trough systems to the storm drains. A few of these positioned around each country could get the job done in no time.

  2. I’m glad Gonzo has 2 buckets. My family lives too far from “the sea”.
    Plz send me a full bucket of sea water and I’ll pour it down my sink.


  3. That’s a no brainer. Where does he think the water goes after pouring down a drain? Some of the water goes into rivers and such and back out to sea. Where does he think that’s going to help?

  4. this proposal makes as much or maybe even more sense then the ones I have scene.

    It still astonishes me how much work has been put into solving a fake problem by coming up with fake solutions.

    • Don’t leave the fridge open during the day. The little light will waste electricity PLUS it will add heat to the global situation.

  5. Or better still, restaurants could help out by leaving their cooler and freezer doors open too. If every home and restaurant helped out, we could get the job done in no time. 🙂

  6. Nine people who refuse to consider that man does have an impact on this fragile, non-renewable piece of rock we call “earth”. Even if global warming doesn’t exist, please tell me what the hell is wrong with conserving our finite resources??? What the hell is wrong with seeking out alternative sources of energy? What the hell is wrong with developing new technologies to wean us off of the oil we are fighting 2 unfinanced wars for? Grrrr.

  7. Maybe Paul should start his own Global Warming blog.
    I have an even better idea Paul, a twitter account dedicated to GW. Really, you should “tweet” it.
    Surely between the two you could reach the 4 or 5 people on our “rock” that would enjoy your angry rants.

  8. But, to show my solidarity with the movement, this morning I will fill two 5 gallon buckets with my garden hose and pour them down my sink drain.

  9. Hmmmm…let’s see, where to start….

    Paul, most everybody is aware that we need to develop an alternate, and effective, fuel source. Most, if not all, have heard about the evils of ‘global warming’. What some people may not know is that this ‘global warming’ that folks like Al Gore try to scare us about is a NATURAL CYCLE of this planet. It’s been proven to have happened several times over the life of this planet. Sure – humans are responsible for adding to the situation, but we’re not the cause. In an effort to use ‘green’ technology, we are being forced to used CFLs, which surely use less energy and create less heat, we have to put up with getting less light out of the bulbs that fit in our fixtures. And what about the energy that is being used to recycle and reclaim the mercury in these CFLs, because we can’t just toss them in the trash like an ordinary incandescent bulb. The so-called experts can site chapter and verse about how much energy these bulbs save when you use them, but nobody has any reliable figures about the energy needed after the bulbs are used. LED bulbs are nice, but it’s still relatively new technology (for household lighting), and not very effective for most general lighting applications. So, people are still trying to find alternative ways to provide light that isn’t as wasteful as incandescent bulbs.
    As for fighting 2 unfinanced wars…well, you brought that up. There was nothing in the original posting that even warranted such comments.
    I’m not attacking you, I’m just trying to add a counter-point to your rant about the original post, which I’m sure was not so much about climate control, but the lack of basic intelligence that some people show.
    (speaking of ‘lack of basic intelligence’, I would italicize, underline or broad face some of the words in this reply, but I can’t figure out how!)
    Have a better day. I’m going to turn on my LED desk lamp and have another cuppa coffee. 🙂

    • You are correct as usual Grog, and I’m going to start washing mine down with 2 buckets of water per day. Recycling, you know.

    • Dang it Grog, I didn’t think anyone noticed, but surely and truly I commented premeds.

      Or did I medicate postcomment??? I’ll ponder that one.

  10. It makes as much sense as Ben Bernanke trying to rescue the economy by creating a zillion more dollars to give away.

  11. I used to appreciate Paul’s comments, but lately he has gone over the edge to Acorvid territory. Maybe the baby is keeping him up at night. Or he is wondering how his kid will pay for all of the Hope and Change.

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