12 thoughts on “Well stocked”

  1. Do they still brew Meister Brau? I haven’t seen it in ages, there are other old faves in there as well, Miluakee’s Best, never had a worse hangover in my life than from that swill, even my old unfriend Jose did not give me the hangover I got from that crap, (hurl, shudder, shudder).

  2. Holy Crappola, I feel like a kid in a candy store. So many beers that I haven’t tried. That would definitely be a good 3 day bender.

    • Bella – You can have my share of the Colt 45’s, the Old Milwaukee’s, the Olde English, Milwaukee’s Best and the Iron City, for starters.

        • If it’s free, I’ll try it…maybe not buy it. Richard, we have Old Milwaukee here and not too bad. Don’t drink Kokanee, BARF. What can I say, I love BEER. 🙂

          I’m going back to work tomorrow @ 8 am. I’m so excited! Been sick too long, now time to feel much better. 🙂 :0

          FUCK CANCER!!!!

          I loves you all for being you. Thank You. Kisses, Bella.

  3. I see one Miller lite in the corner, I call it! Also hadn’t noticed the Pearl, or the Yueng..Yeung ok however they spell that Pa. beer it’s not too bad.

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