6 thoughts on “The friendly robber”

  1. That was incredibly polite! The cashier really should be commended for not freaking out, but offering to help the robber. The robber, will the kids to feed and bills to pay…even though his situation sucks, he’s not the only one to be in that predicament. I hope he at least paid for the coffee.

  2. We should post a very nice policeman in the back of the store to catch him since this happens in the future. the date on the film is 05/02/11. OK, maybe it was the fifth of Feb. But, IF it is in the future, I hope the police are as nice in apprehending him as he was to the cashier.

  3. That just sucks. Couldn’t the guy have reasoned with him? Offered him some milk and cereal for free, and that you wouldn’t press charges, offer him a job or something. I doubt he’s a career criminal, and it’s obvious he doesn’t want to be doing this. Help a guy turn from his path of wretchedness rather than enabling him further…

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