Open Mic Super Bowl Sunday

Open_mic_Super Bowl Sunday

Today is the big day for football fans, especially those in Pittsburgh and Green Bay.  Personally, I don’t have a favorite team.  I’m probably a fair weather fan.  If my team is out of it I’m not nearly as interested.  But I like football, just don’t sit and watch it every chance I get.  Today I’m just in it for the socializing and of course the Super Bowl commercials.  I make my bathroom trips during the game so I don’t miss the ads.

Have a great day everyone!


34 thoughts on “Open Mic Super Bowl Sunday”

  1. My Patriots aren’t playing unfortunately….. but I’m still gonna watch the game tonight. I say Steelers all the way!!!

  2. I’m making some snacks, dips etc… for the game. My youngest son and I will watch the game and chow down. I’m not strenuously rooting for the Steelers, just half halfheartedly rooting against the Packers since they knocked the Falcons out of it. If the Packers have the kind of game they did against the Falcons, I don’t think Pittsburgh can beat’em.

    • I should be rooting for the Packers. Their beating the Chicago Bears saved the country a lot of money because if the Bears had made it into the Super Bowl, the president would probably be there. It costs a lot of money when the president travels.

      • Its also expensive when a former president attends the game – and since Texas is football country – and its in W’s neighborhood – I wouldn’t doubt that there’s a large contingent of secret service in attendance today.

  3. I’m about to head off to do my first ever solo gig. I’ve done many, many gigs before as part of a band or a duo, or trio, but this is my first one ever on my own.
    The wind is howling outside like the Devil plans to attend.
    Wish me luck 😀

  4. I’m working today, normally I don’t work Sundays but I thought I’d do a favor for a couple gals I work with. I’m not really interested in the Super Bowl since the Bears are out. I like the Browns too but they will never make it to the Super Bowl. Honestly, I’m not even excited for the commercials.

    Anyone going to watch the Puppy Bowl?

  5. I haven’t really been into football since the eighties so don’t care who wins, but I’ll probably tune in occasionally just to see all of the rigmarole…

  6. Well, a long weary, but fun, weekend in done. We had a record trivia night last night. Only had one screw-up on the Powerpoint I created, but we got thru that alright. We had 26 tables (of 8)and made a record amount for our group.
    When I got home I had a message from my credit card fraud department wanting me to call them right away. Someone had created a fraudulent card with my account number on it and made about a thousand dollars worth of purchases with it today. They canceled my card and will open a new account for me and remove the fraudulent charges. Of course I’ll be without a card for a couple days until I get a new one. But I wasn’t planning on doing a lot of shopping anyway.
    I’m behind on things here on B&P and my email. Things should be getting back to normal in the next day or two.
    Thank you for your patience.

    • Not only did she fluff her lines, but her singing was absolutely terrible! Why didn’t they get a trained singer?

      • She can be great when she reins in her vocals, but she does too much fancy yodelling noises, it sounds so contrived, it’s unattractive. Blegh. But to me, she’s just another pop star who’s trying to relive her heydays. Her ‘comeback’ video was entitled ‘Not Myself Tonight’ and I was like… girl, that IS you. Platinum blonde, big hair, and raunchy outfits – IT IS YOU.

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