16 thoughts on “Praying for snow”

  1. If praying FOR snow works, wouldn’t praying for it to stop also work? Does it only take one person or does god take polls?

  2. I just noticed the schedule on the sign. Around here the Baptists have services at 8, 11 and 5 with Sunday school at 9:30. That must be a small congregation.

  3. On 26 Jan 2011, this is what God said to me when praying about America: [17h57 – GMT] “Water shall fall and cause havoc. The men who bravely stand with their faces in this stormy wind will cower in defeat and look for shelter with bended backs and heads hanging low. The cows in the fields will suffer defeat. Many men shall fall down and lay where they fall. Houses shall be uprooted. People will cry out to Me but I will not heed them.” [18h30 – GMT] “A sheet of ice will be pulled over the nation of America. They cannot brace for what comes. It comes. I shall let it fall upon them.”

    • Hiro: On the morning of 3 Feb 2011, I looked out through the earthly window of reality [04:54 GMT]. The storm has passed. Even though it’s still chilly, the sun glows mightily down from the infinite clearness and the skies are bright and blue. A red cardinal sits on a tree branch chirping a song of joy, and if a bird could smile, he would be thusly. Not many people actually fell down, although some slipped a little on the ice, but they continued on about their business. Schools are open and the smiling children fill them. The cows are out in the sparkling white fields as we speak, happily munching on hay as the sun warms them and the farmer smiles with satisfaction. Their feet are fine and they have not suffered. They are used to it, as winter has happened every year for quite a while around here in the northerness of America’s upper half. I haven’t heard of any houses being uprooted from the snow and ice storm, but my back door blew open at one point. I prayed what to do, and the answer came: Close the dayum door all the way this time. I did hear of the tragedy of some rubbish cans blowing out into the street, but my wonderful neighbor Tom rescued them from where they lay and returned them to their rightful and honored place behind the strong American-built garage. I heard no crying except for the neighbor’s cat, but the beautiful and statuesque Stephanie (with the long gorgeous American legs that bring happiness to me every summer as I observe her stealthily through this same amazing window) heeded the cry and let it back into the sturdy unrooted-up house. The sheet of ice that was pulled over the roads was decisively devastated by the infinite power of the salt trucks, and as I let my gaze fall upon the road in front of my house, the pavement is dry and the motorized vehicles roll mightily on their busy errands of pleasure. I wave broadly to my singing mailman and am thankful for the beauty of the fresh snow and the female power-line worker I saw at the donut shop this morning. What comes soon is exactly this: Spring!…Miracle or coincidence?….

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