Snowstorm may rival one of 29 years ago today

It was 29 years ago to the day that the St. Louis area was hit with a snowstorm that left 13.9″ of snow in St. Louis (at the airport) and some areas with more than two feet.  Now a rival is headed this way.

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I had 22 inches of snow at my house.  It took us a week before we could get in or out of my driveway.

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  1. That same storm hit Atlanta. It started in mid afternoon and by five o’clock rush hour, the town was a parking lot. It stayed that way for 4-5 days.

  2. I remember spending $100 for a taxi ride from Kirkwood to the airport. That was when $100 was an awful lot of money!

  3. I don’t envy you Jonco. We got nailed a couple of weeks ago with over 3 ft. of snow and it’s one thing to make it out of your driveway, and another thing to drive anywhere else. Almost impossible as most cities can’t keep up with the snow clearing. I hope you have lots of beer or we may have to have a rescue mission for you too. πŸ˜‰

      • Tell sweet Pat that she has my permission to stay home tomorrow, you know, kind of a snow day. πŸ˜‰ Some times it just isn’t worth the risk to leave your home. No vehicle or tire are any good while driving on ice, especially in the city where it gets slicker than snot.

  4. My sister in CT is trying to determine whether she’s supposed to shovel off her roof before the next storm (her house is a ranch style – so the roof isn’t flat — but it also isn’t pitched for heavy snows.) I hope the the forecast is wrong and we don’t end up with deep snow and no power…

    • leave some snow on the roof if you are going to get any ice-rain it makes it easier to get the ice off. after the ice turns to snow she may need to remove the ice before the snow builds up. the average house built 70’s on should handle 3 feet of dry snow. always clear the part of the roof that is over large open areas like living rooms first and evenly so it doesn’t stress the trusses and crack the sheet rock on the ceilings. 22 years of living in Alaska comes in handy sometimes. PS i only have metal roofs so I can sit back and watch it slide off on its own while everyone else is shoveling.

  5. I wasn’t born, and neither was my boyfriend in ’82.

    Take care! Stock up, and keep the house warm. Gus and Trixie better put on a sweater! (PIX~!~~~!) Stay safe, St Louis!

  6. Why does the video play when you load the page jonco?
    I don’t like it. I dont even go to CNN any more cause i’m just tired of them playing random videos when I visit there site.

    • Jamie, I dislike it too. Some videos have an option to allow or not allow the auto play feature. I can’t find it in the code for this video. If it bothers enough people I’ll remove it. It’s not a long video so it will stop soon. Also, once you navigate away from the page it no longer plays.

  7. I hope everyone stays safe in this storm. Here in the Chicago area, they are predicting up to about 20″ of snow–not bad if that happened over say a week, but in one day, that will slow things down for a day or two.

    Speaking of natural disasters like this, on another site/post someone noticed that there is always a run on bread and eggs. The poster was wondering what the connection was between natural disasters and French toast.

    • I’m sure that’s worse than what we get here, but Boston is used to that…. we’re not. They’re even getting ready to call out the National Guard here. We got a little sleet a while ago, but just a mixture right now. Streets are still fine, but they say it’ll get worse later today with the bulk of the storm hitting tomorrow.

    • I thought I could fix it by turning the volume on the video itself as low as possible. That worked until I refreshed the page…Since autoplay is almost universally hated you’d think they would wise up to that and eliminate it as the default and make it an option for the dozen people or so that like it.

    • We’re still here. Just a lot of freezing rain so far. Some icing on the trees. It’s supposed to change over to snow this morning. Anywhere from 6 to 15 inches in the immediate St. Louis area.

  8. It just started with sleet and thunder and lightning here in Oklahoma. Whaaat? I’m gonna start making some French toast.

  9. A recent honors graduate of DJ’s “Pic’em clean” College
    located in Locust Cloud U.S.A.
    Melanie Ghan, of Locust Cloud, U.S.A., has her hands full with newborn son, Bryson, and gas cans for her generator as she shops in preparation for the upcoming severe winter weather, Monday, Jan. 31, 2011

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