Open Mic Sunday


We’re getting ready for a big storm that’s supposed to come through the midwest starting tomorrow and last through Wednesday.  We’re expecting up to a half inch of ice and anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow and sleet on top of that.   The snow isn’t so bad but the ice is what worries me.  I just hope we don’t have massive power outages as are common with heavy ice and snow.

Anyway, what’s going on with you?

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    • We still have a few small piles of snow from the last snow too, but most is gone due to the 40 degree temperatures the last couple of days.

      • 40s? SW MO was around 70 the last couple days. I was outside all day yesterday in Tshirt and shorts @ 75 here near Joplin, but coooold today.

        • I don’t think it hit 50 here… upper 40’s Friday and mid 40’s yesterday (I think). Will be mid to upper 30’s today, then the bottom falls out. Down to 1F on Wed or Thur night.

  1. He’s not a baby he’s an elf with attitude! Either that or he just heard Jonco’s weather report. I’m still crying over the $55 dollar snow rake that weighs less than a pound – had no idea aluminum was trading so high.

    I think I have found the other forbidden fruit – take a look here.

  2. Warnings have gone up in the counties just west of us. They’re undecided how this one is tracking. We’re either in for 6-12″ or 12-18″ with drifts measured in feet. We should have a better idea by this evening.

  3. I’ve got my windows and doors open to air my house out, it’s beautiful here, all sunny and everything. I wish I could say I’d be on the back of a bike somewhere, but I’m cleaning and doing laundry (dammit).

  4. No snow here in Georgia, in fact, I have the doors open…it’s a balmy 72 up in this bitch! We’re expected to get 8-10″ of sunshine here…

  5. Cold, crisp and sunny here. The calm before the storm too. Wed. it’s suppose to warm up and then we get nailed with snow.
    That Mr. Jagger is quite the little man now, Gary. Love that picture.

    • Well, I live a little south of Bella, still in Canada, but the blossoms are starting and the crocuses are out, couple weeks the daffies are out, it not all winter here in the banana belt.

      • Oh piss right off Grumpy. Rub it in, just rub it in. *SOB* 😉 😉 I’m living in the wrong area. It’s gonna be a balmy -28C here tonight.

  6. Nice relaxing Sunday for me. It’s 67°F right now. That’s chilly for me but I’m not complaining since it’s a lot colder on your end. Maybe I’ll do my taxes today

  7. I ran my first marathon in Houston this morning. 26.2 miles. My longest training run was 22 miles up to this point. I have a new respect for elite runners. It took me 4 hours 52 minutes with lots of walking at the end. I’m not sure at what point it was but at least once I thought, “I wonder what’s on Bits and Pieces today?”

  8. The wife just called. She is in Florida riding in a two day competitive trail horse event. She received a third and a first, which puts her third in the Southeast and 20th in the country. Sweet…

  9. Ah, sunny, 60 and so nice here at the OBX today…. snow? What’s that????? Ice? Yeah, I’ve got some in my iced tea!

  10. Ide like to post a pic of MY baby (for tonight anyways)…

    I know its Sunday, but I’m off tomorrow. 🙂

  11. Hi Everyone, just to let you know that here in OZ its summer and yesterday it was 40c and today 35c and staying that way for the next week or so thats 95 – 104 for you folk. So the thought of snow and ice is sounding pretty good at the moment.

  12. It’s 17 in Boston (Monday 6:52 a.m.). We MIGHT see sun today – forgot what it looks like. Jonco, your storm will be here starting Tuesday evening thru all day Wednesday. We seem to be getting a storm every Wednesday now. I’m completely sick of it! Our predictions are anything from 8″-20″ with some ice thrown in for good measure.

  13. Have fog, turning to freezing rain here in Omaha this morning, with 6-10 inches snow expected over the next 24-48 hours. This is the same system that’s coming at you Jonco, just the tail end stretching further north. I made it to work fine, but people are starting to call off in late due to slick conditions and a four car pile up on I80.

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