14 thoughts on “Kill switches work both ways”

  1. There are some in Congress that want an end to Net Neutrality–which isn’t a far cry from shutting down the internet.

  2. for all you people worried Congress will pass a “kill switch” act, you must realize THEY realize the repercussions for pulling the plug. if the United States dove into the turmoil facing Egypt, Tunisia, etc. and killed the Internet for its citizens, the country would burn.


  3. The government works for us and we let that slip between our fingers, so now we must stop the monster we have created!

  4. The GOVERNMENT? Do you still realize that the GOBERNMENT is not just some nondescript body, it is us, you and me and all those individual people we have placed in office. Let us all not forget that the Internet is in the hands of a similar group of people–just that the group that is operating and using the Internet has no power… Unless they INSIST they do!!!

    Then, no government in the world can stop them because no government is large enough–and by large, lets face it, it means only having enough people–but NOT people who are frightened of almost everything. To hold to our goals and our way of life, we need to feel STRONG and UNAFRAID! We need to COMMIT to a movement that will return the internet if some idiot shuts it down. I am in! How about you?

    Before something happens, know this. There are plenty of us to return the Internet without one bit of violence. .

    If “the Goberment” shuts down the Internet. We will shut down the Goberment! Damn right! We have had it with those who get in there and then change their skins for the power and the money it provides. Get those idiots out, get government by a TEST! Those with the highest scores can be our leaders, not the current clowns!

    Bet that scares the hell out of a few jerks! They know who they are too…

  5. its ok, by the time they try and shut the internet off, my plots of world domintation should be complete :p

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