8 thoughts on “Shortcuts on everyday activities”

  1. The only ones I liked in there were the potato peeling and the egg shelling. Those were both pretty neat. Can’t wait until I need to try them…someday.

  2. not sure if this fits here, but lately I’m making orange pop.

    Instead of using 3x the water with frozen OJ, use Club Soda instead. Get a fizzy healthy drink with no sugar, etc.

    Vodka optional. (reduce the soda)

  3. The banana trick does not work with tiny 2 inch Asian bananas. It ends up being mashed bananas. NO WANT.

      • We can get big bananas, but the one I had in the kitchen was the tiny variety.

        And besides, are your bananas even grown in America? We get Ecuadorian bananas at the supermarket, sometimes Philippine bananas.

        • well…to be honest, a lot of our bananas are South American… But, still “American”. I just didn’t specify which continent. 🙂

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