20 thoughts on “It’s in black and white in the Bible”

  1. Don’t try to apply logic to religion. God’s word and God’s will are sources of comfort to many. People would much rather lay the responsibility for their lives with someone or something other than themselves. Life is so much easier that way.

  2. Oh-no-she-didn’t! Sit the sister down, she gonna need to think about that one! 🙂 Very well played counter-point!

  3. Yes, the Bible is black and white. Except the ones with the Red Words. Those are black and white and red [all over :P]

    Also, this is why we need another reformation. We were supposed to love our neighbors, and not to judge lest we wear a robe and have a gavel.

  4. Way to keep it in the Old Testament and ignoring what the New Testament teaches us. And as rabrav said, cherry-picking from the Bible can easily get one in trouble.

    • Very well said. Unfortunately, people post the cherry picked stuff, and quote from the 3500 year old code rather than from the part that applies to Christians nowadays.

  5. You know it pisses me off when Christians avoid and outcast homosexuals instead of treating them like regular people. According to their holy text Jesus Christ chilled with all the socially outcasted people of their time. So why should Christians feel like they’re entitled to tell people YOU A SINNER SO I AINT TALKIN WITCHU BRO when their biggest role model never even does that? GOSH!!!

  6. (Sorry about the length… XD No one has to read it. actually, with how far back this is, I doubt anyone even will. Oh well.)

    Possibly the most annoying thing that some religious believers do (most commonly christians) is, when a different religion is brought up, they instantly drown out everything else with a steady downpour of “You need to be saved! Come and hear the word of God or go to Hell and suffer forever for your sins! You can be saved! Repent and he shall forgive your sins!” yadda yadda yadda. On the rare occasion I am able to sit down with someone who is at least somewhat intelligent and doesn’t mind listening to someone else’s idea on religion, we end up having a long, interesting, and very informative conversation.

    What I believe – and I am in no way trying to convince anyone, i’m simply sharing my belief – falls under Agnosticism. I believe that there is some sort of being (or beings) who is at least extremely powerful, possibly omnipotent, and that he has some sort of plan for our souls after our current mortal life is up. I don’t presume to know what his plan is… if he thinks it’s best for us to ride on the back of a giant space bumblebee for the rest of time, then that’s what we’re going to do. I believe that he created this universe originally, but made it as a bud which then grew via the big bang and molded via evolution into what we have now.

    I once had a very long and in depth conversation concerning religion with one of my more intelligent friends, and it helped me sort out exactly what I believed as much as it did teach me what he believed.

    Also, I believe that, this being or these beings, when he first created us (or maybe guided evolution to make us), he instilled in us a desire to believe in him. Each society has interpreted this desire differently, thus the many different religions, but in reality, they are all worshiping the same thing. All are correct as to who or what is god, in their own way… it is only the method of spreading the word that I disagree with. Meaning I disagree with Jehova’s witness going door to door, and I disagree (strongly) with fanatical muslims (not trying to group ALL muslims, okay?) killing the “infidels” who don’t agree with them, but the being we all actually call god is the same.

    • There are fanatical followers in almost every (if not every) religion, and sect of those religions. The fundamentals of these faiths are pretty much the same – however, these fanatics only follow what passages meet their particular prejudices (as in the phrase “cherry-picking”). Just as there are some within the Muslim faith who, for example, will beat or kill a woman for being in a relationship with someone outside their faith, there are some Christians who believe that a divorced person is unworthy of their god’s light, and are excommunicated from the Church.
      Whether someone is gay or not isn’t important to me. They’re not guaranteed a ticket to hell because of who they love. Are they a good person? That’s all that matters to me – and it’s all that matters to everybody. Judging others because of who they love is a way to hell. What matters is love. That is the way to heaven.
      Some people don’t get it, when they ask me if I believe in heaven and hell. I tell them that I do, but not as in “the afterlife”…they are here, on earth. We can either make this world heaven, or we can make it hell. It all comes down to what we want more.

      (climbing off my soap box)

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