24 thoughts on “Adam and Eve”

  1. And on the sixth day, God created man, and He saw that what He had created was good. In the fifth hour after midday, God saw that man was looking a little unkempt, so He created the razor, and He saw that it was good.

    Just saying, Adam and Eve were probably more like Robin Williams than Robert Pattinson. It’s the details that count 🙂

  2. I love how a silly picture and a few words can get people going, if there is a god I hope it’s one of the lesser known ones who’s in to human sacrifices( not that I am). Mr Agnostic

  3. If you are into Creationism, then Adam and Eve would have been born with their belly buttons…OK, now that’s confusing…

  4. You guys are just haters. Belly buttons were obviously created first as suction cups so human females can hold onto their babies while gathering food.

  5. Oh no, it has destroyed my belief that painters have some sort of time-travelling superpowers to let them see what happened thousands of years before they existed. Fuck. i’m just going to go kill myself now, i’m so disillusioned.

  6. I find belly buttons kinda gross, but odd and amazing, too. Here is this hole in you, that used to be the whole of you. And it collects lint. If there is a god, he can take a joke.

  7. If your beliefs were destroyed by this.. then I would have to question if you really believed in the first place. First of all it’s just a painting. Second of all, Why wouldn’t God create the belly button on His original creation?

  8. Ya know you have a funny site here. Im just done with the anti-Christian stuff you always seem to post. Not enough other interesting or funny stuff out there? Deleting you off of favorites after submitting this.

    • Sorry to hear that. Thanks for coming around when you did. Ya can’t please everyone. And if you don’t find enough here to come back then you probably shouldn’t.

  9. Jonco’s pretty polite for what I’ve seen on the internet. He doesn’t post anything that’s outrageously offensive. At most just pokes some fun at the religious folks, but nothing outright rude at least that I’ve seen

  10. Well, shoot, if I stayed away from everything that offended me, I couldn’t even go to family reunions.
    Jonco, you’ve never offended me. Now, Gary, Richard, DJ…that guy that’s been logging in as you, I don’t know about him….

    • LOL…family reunions, work, political rallies, driving (those damned bumper stickers), 60% of tv shows, high school civics & poli-sci classes, 90% of colleges, libraries, billboards, morning radio shows, cable tv, book stores, movies, the magazine rack at the checkout counter, that neighbor 3 doors down, newspaper editorials… must be a tough life for poor Mark. Wonder how long he was a bubbleboy? You don’t need a real thick skin here, but some skin might be helpful.

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