9 thoughts on “Chick-o-Matic”

  1. Oh, this is so, so, so sad. Factory farming is just cruelty all over the place. No respect for the lives of the animals at all. It’s not that I’m necessarily anti-meat. I’m anti-automatizing the deaths of animals. If you raise it and kill it humanely, then you have respected the life of the animal. When stainless steel and cruelty is all an animal knows, that’s terrible.

    • Factory farms = an abundance of Cancer! Terrified animals produce chemicals in their bodies that are highly toxic to our systems. When will dumb-fuck people figure that out? This image makes me sad and angry all at once!

  2. MCW I completely agree. But those dumb-fuck people are us if we eat any commercial meats. the problem is that there is such a disconnect between us and our food source we find it easy to ignore.

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