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  1. What is your earliest memory? Mine is from standing in a crib when I was three years old (according to my mother).

  2. There was a storm happening and I remember crying in the living room but my mom was cooking in the kitchen so I just kept crying because the thunder scared me. (To this day, I hate thunder) If I was still in diapers and a high chair then… maybe 3 or 4? I know it wasn’t anything older than 4 because we were living in Phoenix when this happened.

    I also remember my mom and sister trying to teach me how to hold up the number three on my 3rd birthday.

  3. I have many memories from when I was probably two or just turning three. I know that because I remember things from the house we lived in before we moved when I just turned three. Among other things I remember screaming for help while my older brother held me upside down over the toilet with my head inches from the water as he flushed it. Many times. I swear I’m still going to get him for all the times he did that.

  4. I remember standing over the gas furnace in the house that I lived in until I was three. As I understand it now, we had a gas heater in the floor of the hall, but it was not forced air. Instead, the heat spread to the surrounding rooms, and up the stairs into my brother and sister’s rooms. It was a wonderfully warm place in the winter, but would cause slight burns if you touched the metal grill over it with bare skin. So I was both scared of it and loved it.

  5. I was 3 or 4. My dad was playing baseball on a local team and I begged to go see him play. I remember being in the back seat, my mom driving, on the way to the game when we met him heading back home (the game was canceled for some reason)As she turned around to go back I remember being absolutely crushed, and bawling that I didn’t get to watch him play.

  6. My puppy Yoshi went for a sleepover at his brothers place (we do this quite often) and some fool left the gate open at their place. We believe that animal control has picked them up but for some unknown reason, we can’t check or pick them up until Tuesday @ 11:00. It was -36C last night so the blessing is that I hope it’s them that’s in jail or they wouldn’t have made the night. The curse is that my puppy has liver disease and needs his meds and I can’t get ahold of anyone so I can take him his pill. Has anyone ever broke into a dog pound??? I need information.

      • I finally got ahold of a human and they sent me a picture. At least I know that the little buggers are alive. Now I’ve got to find out how to get him his pill. (I have to get in touch with the city as they won’t open the door to the general public, *sigh* all on a Sunday) Thanks Richard.

          • Well, I couldn’t get them sprung, no how…no way, but I managed to get Yoshi’s pills and specialty food to him. The most amazing city worker that I’ve ever met, came by the house and picked it up and took it down to the dog pound for my pupper. Absolutely wonderful. Couldn’t believe it! I’ll be writing a letter concerning him tomorrow. An animal lover, he is. Yoshi and his brother are in Crowbar Hotel until Tuesday. I miss ’em. (sorry if I bored anybody by my dilemma here)

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