9 thoughts on “Snow plowing a parking garage roof”

  1. So, that deck can hold all the cars, snow, and debris. But once a fairly small truck drives over one of the concrete plates it collapses?
    I don’t think I’d even want to park my car there.

  2. Umm, that’s not a small truck. And consider that the back is full of sand and/or salt, that weighs many, many times more than a car.

    • And the distribution of the light cars and snow vs the concentration of the heavy truck and its load has a lot to do with it as well.

      Sander is exactly right… Cars weigh around +/- 2 tons, that truck can weigh around 15-20+ tons, with another 10 tons or more of load.

  3. First there is only a couple inches of snow, second, they are all trucks/4W. Third, it’s just making it worse.
    Is this our Russian funny de jour?

  4. First, there was up to six inches or snow and ice, second, that loaded dump truck is 5-6 times heavier than an SUV, third how does scraping off all of the snow make it worse?

  5. Up to 6″, yep, where the wind blew it into corners. I see tire below hubcap. So maybe 3″ or 4″ at most, If you need plowing for that with a 4 wheel SUV, what’s the point of a SUV? Snow on the roof of the vehicle is only an inch or two.

    It makes it worse because the plow builds up a pile behind you making it harder to backup.

    You obviously have never shoveled your driveway only to have a plow come down the street and leave a 3 foot mound of snow in front of your house.

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