10 Million Page loads in 2010 !

I finally got around to working up a few stats for Bits and Pieces for last year.  I was surprised to see a total of just over 10 million page loads.  A page load is defined as any time someone opens a page on a website.  Whether it’s a single post or a homepage with 10 posts on it.  When you change pages the page load count increases. 

2010 bp Stats
via StatCounter  Note: Google Analytics has the total number of page views at 9.7 million. 

People from 214 countries visited Bits & Pieces last year.  They’re ranked below from the highest number of visitors per country to the lowest number.

BP Reader Locations 2010
via Google Analytics

B&P Readers in the U.S. by state

2010 BP US readers

Thanks to each and every one of you for making that possible.

53 thoughts on “10 Million Page loads in 2010 !”

  1. When i’m at work in the mountains of BC Canada, and on the satellite internet, it shows up on my sisters blog that i’m in Togo. I will check this site atleast twice a day when in there.

  2. Yay Bella!!! You’re keeping Canada on the map!

    I looked at a map of the Marshall Islands…I see the reason they’re at the bottom. They have no cohesion, they’re in Bits & Pieces, scattered all over.

    • My niece lives in the Marshall Islands where she is a teacher. She has difficulty sometimes getting an Internet connection, but she visits B&P.

  3. Thank you Jonco, for making the world a bit smaller! And infinitely more interesting on a daily basis. Happy Scouring!

  4. I’m really surprised that Iran ranks as high as it does. I would have thought that all its visitors to “Bits & Pieces” would have been rounded up by now.

  5. What’s with Delaware? Do they have the internet? Just kidding Delaware. We do need a few more clicks from you though, everyone has to do their part.

  6. Jonco – you are welcome.

    And here is a couple more clicks from Illinois–one to get to the home page and one to get to these comments.

  7. As many commentors as you have in Georgia, I’m surprised that we are only number six. Guess the folks in Cali and Texas are mostly lurkers.

  8. I am thinking of the World’s record BABBQ this year. Can you imagine if just one person showed up from each country. Well, we know that Myanmar and Iran and some of the -stans might not be there, but still…

  9. Thanks to you, Jonco! Thanks for making our visits so enjoyable – that’s why you get so many page loads.

  10. Cool to see Alaska ranked there, seeing we’re the 2nd least populated state. Guess we have to do something when staying in our homes during cold winters. Thanks B&P for preventing cabin fever!

  11. Good work, Jonco! Glad to see you can measure what we all already knew. B&P is the place to be. I click here a lot too, probably because my mouse is flaky.

  12. Me, working for a dot com company, is jealous at your page views. We get about half your traffic. When I hear 10 million page views, I’m thinking CHA-CHING! But being that your audience is so spread out all over the world, I wonder if it’s attractive to advertisers. I’m just glad our 5 million page views are all Kansas City-based which is attractive to local advertisers.

  13. Hey Jonco,you use a Godaddy vps or just shared hosting?I just want to figure out if my site had traffic like urs,what kind of web hosting service should i take.Thank you.By the way,I am a faithful reader of your blog.

    • Lee, I use something called Shared Ultimate Linux Hosting. I used to use their Deluxe Hosting but I was being charges extra for bandwidth overages a few months in a row (even those months had no significant increase in hits over the previous months). With the Ultimate that hasn’t happened.

      • I think maybe because someone is linking your images on their website.You can install The WordPress Automatic Image Hotlink Protection plugin to stop others from stealing your images.Since you have upgraded the bandwidth to unlimited,it is not necessary.I am using Deluxe Plan.All the shared hosting plans from Godaddy have unlimited bandwidth now.Thank you so much for your reply.Happy blogging!

  14. Thank you Jonco for making my mornings. I’ve been an avid follower for years and while I may not post very often, I enjoy the things you provide and the posts from peanut gallery. Carry on!!!

  15. I was surprised that North Dakota wasn’t last on the list, since we all know that nobody actually lives there…

    • She is probably just pulling your leg. She really lives in South Dakota. Although if she is really crazy, maybe she does live there.

  16. After careful analysis of the statistics I have come to some startling conclusions.
    1) Days ending in y have by far the greatest number of page loads.
    2) B&P readers are most likely to live in countries with internet service.
    3)Of all the states in the U S with B&P readers, California is undoubtedly one of them.
    I’m sorry it has taken me so long to publish this, but I wanted to be sure of my findings.

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