Flooding today in Brisbane Australia

Michael M writes:

The descriptions should tell the story mostly. But the parts I’ve included only deal with where it started and where it is today.

Sadly on the same day Toowoomba got pissed on, the towns in between Toowoomba and Brisbane got annihilated. Many dead and many still to be found (presumed dead).

The Brisbane river is supposed to peak tomorrow morning at 4am.

Thanks Michael

6 thoughts on “Flooding today in Brisbane Australia”

  1. We are but it would be nice to have a rest soon! I am fine down in Victoria but I used to live in Brisbane and it is shocking to see the images and to know people living there. I am send thoughts and prayers to the flood victims. xo

  2. Many of my family and friends are volunteering on the weekend. There’s loads of people going to be helping. It’s remarkable how quickly strangers here rally around each other.
    The flood really is on a whopping scale. Someone on tv said, it is over 3 times the size of Texas.

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