7 thoughts on “Yeoman Warden At Tower Of London”

  1. What a wonderful storyteller. I’m glad somebody put the clips out on youtube. Watched all of them when I really should be asleep.

  2. Funny stuff…this guy might make to the Graham Norton show…for my fellow Americans, you’ll need to watch the BBC-TV to see what I’m referring to.

  3. A few years ago, preceeding a TV appearance, I spent the afternoon chatting with the chief Yeoman warder from the tower of London. He was a fascinating man to talk to. I asked him what the queen is like. He told me she is incredibly well informed on what’s going on in her “manor” so woe betide anyone who tries to bluff her. also, his favourite dignitary he’d met was Mrs. Putin (actually Putina, he’s Putin). He let me hold the keys to the tower too, a real thrill.

  4. I’m a London native (although not living there at the moment). I’ve been to the Tower of London, and I can vouch for the tours being pretty darn awesome. Also the crown jewels are quite something.

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