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  1. It’s been a bugger of a summer here in Aus. Sydney has escaped the worst of it so far but our Queensland friends are realy copping it I hope all B&P readers are staying safe up there.

  2. I am ok. I live at the other end of the country. We had the fires two years ago while Queensland had more flooding. I guess living in he tropics does have a down side. The government is giving out grants, etc. and the country has had many fund raising appeals. We are a tough lot and will get through this.
    Oh and the stilts is for cooling rather than flooding. Air circulating underneath helps keep the house cool. It is handy for flooding too though.

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  4. Up here in Brisbane it’s a bit “moist”. Up on the range at Toowoomba it’s ridiculous.


    Toowoomba was hit with ker-azy amounts of rain and the link is the result. This clip includes only one section of the flooding in Toowoomba. The really horrible part was at the bottom of the range. Grantham and Withcott copped an absolute flogging. The quantity of water falling about 700 meters over the front of the range would have been gut-wrenching to watch. I implore anyone who has the ability, to check out the clips on YouTube. Just look for “Toowoomba” and “flood” and be sure to only watch clips from the last 48hrs.

    Toowoomba’s dam was at only 16% less than a couple of months ago. It’s now at flood mitigation levels. Brisbane’s Wivenhoe dam in now at over 170%. Also flood mitigation levels.

    Strange that something can be over 100%. But it’s designed that way to reduce the chance of flooding. We’re told it CAN take up to 220% before it is just spewing water indiscriminately.

    Despite all this, the unsecured amount of water heading here from Toowoomba at the moment and the continuing rain is threatening to flood Brisbane worse than 1974. And that’s the one they ALWAYS talk about.

    Anyone who prays should be praying for those in Queensland as a whole. Still 60% of the state is under water. Let us be the “Sunshine state” again.

  5. Oh yeah. The “Queenslander” style of house is built above the waterline of floods (usually). The stilts are to keep them above the water.

    The cooling comes from open verandahs and long open hallways within the structure to allow for breezes.

  6. Got a soft spot for this, having been there years ago. Just shows even 1st world countries can’t deal with mother nature.

    NOW: A Rant, if you live ANYWHERE near a flood plain, you are an idiot! WHEN, not if, it happens you have been told. Don’t ask for my help, I don’t help morons.

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