16 thoughts on “15 is this many”

  1. I think they should allow you to check out thru the express lines with any number of items. However, the cashier should run the total and demand payment as soon as the limit is reached. Then they would start a new transaction on whatever is left. In the 15 items or fewer line, showing up with 16 items results in two transactions, one for 15 items and one for 1 item. Rub it in that this is a 15 only line.

      • It would take a bit longer if you were behind them, but you get the satisfaction of watching their humiliation.

    • Mathman, that kills the whole point of what “express” lines are for; the peeps waiting behind you.

      Would work if there were no one waiting, but when have you ever seen that?

      The question is: If something is on sale as “2 for 1”, do those items count as 1 or 2?

  2. I have a friend that ended up in a fight once in a store because the guy in front of him had half a buggy full. Words were exchanged and things deteriorated.

  3. I was told at an express check out that I was 2 items over the 12 item limit. I shook my head and re-counted and then he said…the 2 bags that you just bought. (they just started to charge us 5 cents per bag up here for plastic bags to carry our groceries in) Well, I almost lost it! I think I used different fingers than what is shown in this sign.

  4. If you have a problem with 15 (or 10) them you should go to the “short bus” line. (It’s the one with 3 helmets).

  5. Express lanes annoy me. The poor clerk catchs Hell from the customer if they point out the overage, the first customer for being lazy and the second customer for being inconvenienced.

  6. It might help if the store did not have bags available at the express checkout. Imagine some yahoo trying walk out with two armfuls of crap…

  7. A few years back, I went to Walmart to buy a pair of sunglasses, so I went to the Express line. A woman I worked with pulled up to the next register with a whole cart of items. She was walking out of the store with her purchases paid for and bagged before I could even have my sunglasses rung up. It was just amazing. You had to have been there. Just amazing.

  8. I propose we have a contest to see who can checkout through the express lane with the most stuff. Earlier this evening I got through Walmart’s 20 or less checkout with exactly 50 items that filled 14 bags.

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