Fred Phelps thanks God for shooting of Congresswoman

I can think of no words to describe how much I dislike this man and everything he stands for.  One thing that struck me in this video is when he said that God intervened when someone was trying to shoot Westboro Baptist Church members who were picketing.  “Go restrained the hand of them all.  Then he turned the violent veteran on you…”, talking about the guy who shot the Congresswoman, as if it is God’s will.  So, if someone would assassinate this asshole, would it be God’s will then?

They were showing on the news that these scumbags were desecrating the American flag during their protests, which is against the law.  Why weren’t they arrested?  If you or I did it we’d be arrested.

I debated about posting this, but it just gets me so angry and frustrated.  I know it’s about free speech, and we should be grateful for the right to say what we feel, but still…. this just isn’t right in any way, shape or form.

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  1. I absolutely detest this charlatan. Not a bit surprised he would try to suck up attention for this.

    He announced he was planning to protest some funerals of the WV Massey coal mine disaster last year. Didn’t show up once he realized those folk wouldn’t stand by and let him get away with it. Slimy coward.

  2. I am not always a fan of America, but this man has shown that Americans have much to be proud of. How many places in the world could he have made that speech and survived?

  3. Sickening…I can’t begin to comprehend a person like him.
    It’s like he’s some sort of time traveler from the dark ages.
    He’s got to be certifiably insane.

  4. I have so many problems with this guy, I don’t even know where to begin!

    He got the Bible completely ass-backwards to the point where he is worshipping other people’s pain and death. So Wrong.


    • I agree…. It’s just beyond words to describe this guy and his thinking. I try to never wish bad on anyone, but I can’t imagine my being unhappy if and when something happens to this guy.

    • The reporter on the news said that Illinois (where the particular protest occurred) had a law against desecrating the flag. That’s what I was going by.

  5. HE is going to get to be the Devil’s girlfriend when he gets there. There is no way this hate-spouting idiot is headed any other direction.

  6. WBC spends $200,000 a year sending protesters to funerals. Where do they get that kind of money? They get it by suing people who attack them at those funerals. This is just about getting money, they piss people off, people attack them, they sue. They came to Washington and Idaho a few months ago, our media was all over it. Telling everyone where they were going to be and when. It would have been better if they said nothing, then nobody shows up to protest them, no attacks, no money.

  7. I don’t ever wish harm on people but one thing that really baffles me is how this guy doesn’t get shot in the head… instead… it’s innocent people who take the bullets.

  8. Be careful what you wish for. If somebody takes out this old fool, then he becomes a martyr for his twisted cause…

  9. I am a bit ashamed after reading Beast’s post. My first thought was wondering how long it would take to drive to Topeka and remove him. SO much of religion has turned to hate mongering. It is sad. Cannot these people read the New Testament? Judge not…

    What a sad, sick little man

  10. The man and his ilk are here to provide more excuses for folks to become atheists. Unfortunately, Phelps is so hung up on a few words in the Bible, he misses the entire plot and the story’s resolution. The world would have been better off if Phelps had got stuck on the command to build and Ark.

  11. The Crusades, the Inquisitions, Holy Wars, Jihads and jerks like this – all in the name of religion.

  12. Telling everyone where they were going to be and when. It would have been better if they said nothing, then nobody shows up to protest them, no attacks, no money.

    BINGO. The day the media completely ignores them, and/or they show up and NO ONE even LOOKS at them, will be the day they start to dry up and blow away.

    WBC spends $200,000 a year sending protesters to funerals. Where do they get that kind of money? They get it by suing people who attack them at those funerals. This is just about getting money, they piss people off, people attack them, they sue.

    This is exactly right. PLEASE ignore these freaks. It will totally piss them off.

    And then, when Fred kicks the bucket, let’s all go protest his sorry-ass funeral.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself. The more attention you give something, the more powerful it gets. Start to ignore it, and it starts to wither. Let’s all hope for the same for this sick bastard and those who follow him.

  13. He’s announced he’s going to protest at the funeral of the little 9-year-old that was killed yesterday.

    How do you ignore that??

    • It’s really difficult to ignore such hatred. Believe me, it’s really difficult – but we can’t give into what this group really wants, which is attention. As much as someone might want to silence this asshole forever, Richard (above) is right: it would make him a martyr for “his cause”. I sincerely pray that the people who witness this group (possibly) protesting at the 9 year old girl’s funeral show some restraint and not give into their emotions. Show your love and emotion for the little girl, and try your hardest to shut the other crap out. Show that you are better than these assholes, show that your understanding of God is greater than their misguided interpretation of God. If anybody raises a finger to this group, even just a finger, they win. We can’t let ever that happen.

    • As the father of 8 and 10 year-olds… I hate to imagine the thoughts I’d have if I was this girl’s father.

      So sad she came into this world on Sept 11, 2001 and left in this manner.

      Btw, Sept 11, 2001 is the day halfway between my kids’ birth dates.

      • At the soldier’s funerals he desecrates, members of the Patriot Guard surround them and drown their protests with the sounds of bike engines. Sometimes semi trucks block their protests from public view. In one small town the Phelps clan returned to their cars after their protest to find their tires slashed and no service station in town would assist them. Have heard of some other methods used to harass them that they cannot be compensated for.

        Aaargh, can you tell how I feel about these inbred miscreants?

        • Locals have set up a page on facebook to help organize a peaceful counterdemonstration/screen in an effort to shield the family of the little girl from these moonbats.

            • Here’s the link…well , link didn’t work. The facebook page title is…Human Barricade to Stop the Westboro Baptist Church.



              ————UPDATE JANUARY 10, 2 AM————
              Christina Green’s funeral has been stated to be this Thursday, January 13, at 1 PM. It will be at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, at 8560 North Shannon Road.

              We are currently getting in touch with St. Elizabeth Ann Seton to discuss how we should go about this Thursday. Additionally, we hope to get in touch with the family (or have St. Elizabeth Ann Seton do so) in order to ensure that they know we’ll be there, and are alright with us being there.

              Additionally, there is an organizational meeting planned for tomorrow (Monday, the 10th) evening at 5:30 PM at the Joel D. Valdez Main Library. The address is 101 N Stone Ave. Thanks to Margaret Still for suggesting the time and venue.


              Finally, thanks to everybody for the incredible response. This event is so much bigger than anything we expected, and we know that the victims and their families will be far more grateful than we are.

              • And the rest of their info…

                The Westboro Baptist Church is going to picket the funerals of the Tucson shooting victims. If you haven’t heard of them, look them up to see the kind of hatred they have spread at the funerals of people like soldiers who serve our country. We can’t stop them because they have the right to protest under the 1st Amendment. We can, however, make a human barricade to keep them away from the funerals. We don’t know when or where any of them are yet, but as soon as we know, we can start planning.

                Note: THIS MUST BE PEACEFUL. One way the church makes their money is to provoke people into confrontations and then sue them. DO NOT BE PROVOKED.

                As soon as we get specific information about the time and place of the funerals, we will let everyone know.

                We shouldn’t do anything loud or offensive that would draw attention to us. Remember, we will be at these funerals. We should be there so that the families don’t have to see these protests. Even if we are unsuccessful at keeping them away from the funeral or if they end up not showing up, the families will see how many people are there to support them.

              • Thanks Gary. And Thank You Deborah…from those of us who can’t be there at your side. My thoughts will be with you and with the family of that little girl.
                One of my hopes is to someday help to shield a local family from these cretins.

  14. HBO did a documentary on this ass-hat a few years ago and it was just …DAMN.

    Al Sharpton was on Real Time with Bill Maher and said way back when Fred Phelps had been a lawyer and very involved with the Civil Rights Movement.

    How does someone go from fighting for the rights of the oppressed to the piece of shit he is today?

  15. I won’t watch him either. I know the kind of foul false filth he spouts. And yes, I agree. Let’s all ignore him until it’s time for his funeral when we can do unto Fred as he has done to others.

    • I’m betting his funeral will be private and we won’t know when or where it’ll take place. But we could piss on his grave if we could find it.

  16. So, Christians, if you think only Muslims have high profile terror mongers, think again.

    And I’m surprised no one mentioned Hitler or Palin up to this point!

    • Every religion has it’s selection of radicals, who interpret only small parts of their religion’s tenet. It’s not just certain Muslims or Christians groups. They skip over the overall theme of their religion and latch onto something they believe their god wants. When you boil it down, most religions have the same fundamental theme: be good, and be good to others.

      People like this, people like the Taliban and other groups, bastardize the teachings of their holy books in their warped little minds. They justify their actions by believing they are the true followers of the words of their gods. By hating them for what they say and do, you feed their beliefs – you make them stronger. With this group of protesters, the only recourse is to block them out. A visual and sonic barrier is the best way to deal with them. They might not go away over night, but I believe that, in time, they will go away. At least, I sincerely hope so.

  17. I won’t watch the video. This man is a slime ball. It wasn’t God’s will. He doesn’t make us do anything evil. This is the work of the devil. I don’t like what he stands for. Our soldiers deserve every respect, and shouldn’t have their funerals interrupted because of him. How disrespectful to dishonor our heroes that have served our country.

  18. Read Matthew chapter 7, vs. 15 thru 23. Basically, it says that there are many people who think that they do things in God’s name, but the acid test is whether or not these acts are according to God’s will. Their motives cannot be within God’s will if the acts are not done in the spirit of love. The “fruit” that they bear is in accordance with the type of “tree”, “good” or “bad”, that their lives portray. God then declares that He “…will tell them plainly, I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!”
    Despite the fact that God hates what He has defined as sin, everything He does is motivated by His infinite love. Men who take words out of context from the Bible, without considering the whole message, and use these words to support their own predisposed ideas, do not represent true Christianity. (You’re right on the mark, Infi!) Rather, they promote a most devious form of lie, which is a lie mixed with truth.
    Such people don’t need to worry so much about their own funerals being protested, as they do about facing God afterwards! Romans chapter 12, vs. 19: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay, says the Lord.”

  19. I’ve had first hand dealings with these protesters. It was fun until the police showed up and stopped the fun, got lots of pics, LOL.

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