This Film Is Not Yet Rated – The Movie

This Film Is Not Yet Rated asks whether Hollywood movies and independent films are rated equally for comparable content; whether sexual content in gay-themed movies are given harsher ratings penalties than their heterosexual counterparts; whether it makes sense that extreme violence is given an R rating while sexuality is banished to the cutting room floor; whether Hollywood studios receive detailed directions as to how to change an NC-17 film into an R while independent film producers are left guessing; and finally, whether keeping the raters and the rating process secret leave the MPAA entirely unaccountable for its decisions.


2 thoughts on “This Film Is Not Yet Rated – The Movie”

  1. That is a great film. I’ve had it on DVD for a few years, and it says at the end that some of the information on the movie, while accurate at the time of shooting, has become outdated. That’s the power of films: they can even change the film industry.

  2. I’ve watched it also. And while they kinda proved their point about how unfair the system is, I’m not really sure it mattered in the end.

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