Nokia phone wallet

Phone walletHere’s a more unusual concept this time, the Nokia Wallet X70, shown in the images below and created by the website. We’re dealing with a handset that has wallet functionality and can also make phone calls. It can carry your cash and credit card, write SMS messages, take pictures, it supports GPS functions and includes a music player

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4 thoughts on “Nokia phone wallet”

  1. …omg can it charge your credit card when it needs more money to fund all the functions…I think I would keep my credit card away from that thing…

  2. It’s a novelty for sure. I think I would break it the first time I sat down. So many phones already do all of this except for scanning your card… which I don’t see the advantage to right now.

    • So now when you lose your phone you will lose your wallet with it? Tried this with my usb sticks and my keys. I rarely misplace my keys, but I go through about 5 usb drives a year. So far it has been a record year for leaving my keys plugged into computers and forgetting about it.

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