New Years Day Open Mic

Open Mic New Year

I hope you all survived New Year’s Eve without too much of a hangover.  I spent it playing the game What’s Your’s Like? with the family after we returned from the movie theater.  I had a few highballs during the evening.  I’ve been fighting a head cold which has been going through the family one or two at a time.

After near 70°F temperatures yesterday and tornadoes in the area the cold front moved in late last night.  It’s now in the mid 20’s and is supposed to drop all day and into the  teens tonight.

How was your New Year’s Eve?

26 thoughts on “New Years Day Open Mic”

  1. Congratulations Gary!
    I didn’t do anything last night except go to bed by 9, to be up by 4am for work today… the one holiday a year I have to work. Your’s is the best way to celebrate!

  2. I spent the evening trying to figure out how to fix what ever is wrong with Dick Clark. Poor guy. I’m starting a petition to change the show to “New Year’s Rockin’ Telethon to rehabilitate Dick Clark!”

    Oh, and please help me with my own dilemma: Is this a gadget? or Doohickey?

    Looking forward to another year of Bits & Pieces!

  3. Happy New Year to all.

    That’s a handsome baby there, Gary. Congrats.

    I think that is a wutzit, Greg

    We have had holiday company at our house for over TWO WEEKS!

    I’m going into a well deserved coma tomorrow.

  4. Congrat’s Gary! (and Gavin on his new little tax deduction!) New Year’s here was a non-event. Mostly everyone (including our normal new year’s host) is down with the flu. So.. no hangover for me… (pass the box of tissues please). I have already broken one of my new year’s resolutions — I’ll try again when I’m feeling better… maybe… or perhaps I can save it for 2012??

  5. Happy new year everyone! Congrats Gary. I spent the evening with my sisters and extended family playing games but no drink for me as i was the driver for the evening. Looking forward to having a few tonight. Looking forward to see what tricks Jonco has for B&Ps in 2011.

  6. Congratulations to Gary, Gavin, and Gavin’s dad and mom. When will we get our cigars?

    My wife and I stayed home, just barely staying awake long enough to see in the New Year.

  7. I for one, am reluctant to see 2010 go. It was a fantastic year for me for the most part. About the hardest thing was the death of a friend/brother/riding buddy (RIP Toney)

    Most people welcome the coming of 2011 and the promise of a new start. But I’d be tickled if it was as good as 2010.


  8. What a cutie patootie, Gary. We have a new one in our extended family too, his name is Ryder. I’ve got to get DJ, once again, to help me on how to bring in pics from my files to here.
    And HOW’S YOUR HANGOVER DOING MIKEY F.? oh, was I yelling? *chuckle*

  9. Happy New Year! And congratulations, Gary!
    I spent New Year’s Eve babysitting my daughter’s dogs, a pit bull and a Belgian shepherd, both rescues. They live in San Pedro CA where the folks celebrate holidays with illegal fireworks–lots of them! Both the dogs are spooked by noises, so I spent the night comforting them. I’m not sure what time folks quite celebrating, but it was late–or rather, early.We slept until almost 7:30 AM.

  10. I drank way to much last night…. Ended up passing out before the ball dropped… 🙁

    Oh well…. Maybe next year 🙂

  11. I wish each and every one of you a splendid New Year and much success! As for my New Years eve, I ate too much, shot a few Georgia-legal fireworks (not all that lame, actually) and watched several episodes of “Pawn Stars” on TV. Then I read myself to sleep – something to do with aliens n’ such, I seem to remember…
    Here’s to another year of coming to B&P to get my daily fix of fun! Thanks Jonco for all the entertainment you provide and best wishes to you and your family! I hope Gus and Trixie aren’t too hung-over.

  12. I was celebrating my sister Hannah getting married! It was a bit cold outside for the ceremony but totally worth it! She’s been through a tough year so seeing her smile and laugh the whole night was really a treat!

    Cheers! To 2011!!


  13. Congratulations to Hannah! She deserves a lot of happy times.
    And congratulations to Gary and family…By the end of summer you can bring about a dozen grandkids to the BABBQ.

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