The last text

AT&T’s Txtng & Drivng Campaign urges consumers that It Can Wait.

This documentary featuring families affected by texting while behind the wheel is being distributed to educators, government officials, safety organizations and public as part of a educational awareness campaign.



3 thoughts on “The last text”

  1. Wow. Very powerful. I work at a high school and I see the kids texting all the time. It is scary to think of them driving and texting.

  2. My kids were teenagers before cell phones and texting, but my grand kids are getting there fast. My oldest grandchild is 15. This gives me pause to think about what and how to talk to them. 1) The girls in the first two cases cited were found outside of their cars. This means that if you are going to be dumb enough to text while driving, at least be smart enough to wear a seat belt. 2) If it’s important enough to read/send that text, it’s important enough to stop the car first. 3) If you are a passenger of a car whose driver is reading/sending texts, be brave enough to tell them to stop the texting or stop the car so you can get out.

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