19 thoughts on “Product placement”

  1. That is annoying. Up here in the great white north the most I can find is 352 sheets per roll and its recycled (not very soft). They call 264 a double roll, most are only about 180. Where the heck do you find 1000 sheets per roll????

  2. Hey zoobreath, Jonco will put up one that pokes fun at the Dems just as fast and easy as the one above. I am a huge Palin fan, but my man Jonco has always been fair about politics. Just sayin’.

  3. There’s no stopping the stupidity of many Americans who listen and agree with this half-baked Alaskan beauty queen. Is our children learning? No, because we want to put food on our family, right, zoobreath?

        • LOL, Manticore! There’s no stopping the stupidity of those calling others stupid! I always want to ask these haters which state were they the governor of. Mention Palin anytime and the vitriol comes flying out of the woodwork. I think that’s one of the reasons I love Sarah so much- she pisses off all of the right people!

  4. So it’s stupid to call others stupid when you’re stupid too? Did I get that right? Or am I stupid too three?

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