New Year’s petrified dog poop

Petrified dog poop

Lucky dog poop

We went to the movies tonight.  Anticipating the cold weather that is supposed to come in tonight I grabbed a heavier jacket from the closet.  After the movie I put my jacket on and reached into my pocket and felt something I wasn’t expecting.  A plastic bag tied in a knot.  It didn’t take me long to realize that it was dog poop that I had picked up while walking the dogs a while back.  It is nice and ‘crisp’. I must have put it in my pocket to toss out when I got home and obviously forgot about it. I’m trying to remember the last time I wore this jacket.  It’s been at least a month or two ago. 

Anybody want some New Year’s confetti?

20 thoughts on “New Year’s petrified dog poop”

  1. Uh, officer, I don’t think that you want to search my belongings. It’s just a bag of sh1t…No, I mean real sh1t.

  2. There’s a new twist! More people tend to get shit-faced.. and not at the movies. I hope you & Pat & Gus & Trixie have a Happy New Year!

  3. That doggie deposit has the same value it had when you deposited it in your pocket, unlike the money you deposited into your savings account at the same time.

  4. LOL Oh GOD, that makes me feel a lot better about leaving my tissues in my jacket pockets. XD


  5. I like how you used some unsuspecting person’s white jacket as a contrast background for showing us your pocket poop. If they only knew what they were good for that day…

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