20 thoughts on “High speed ride through Moscow traffic”

  1. These motorcyclists are called Ghost Riders. Very popular in europe and on youtube.
    I do agree that many of them have a death wish, but I don’t believe they give a bad name to motorcyclists. This doesn’t happen much in north america, and in europe its normal for motorcycles to go in between traffic, these guys just ramp it up to outrageous speeds.

    • I see guys riding on their back wheel (with the front wheel up in the air) on the interstate near my house every now and then. Idiots – Not only do they endanger themselves they endanger others on the road. I know there’s talent involved but it SHOULDN’T take place on public roads.

      • Wheelies aren’t that bad, or hard; going at those insane speeds is the dangerous part. I have seen fellas do wheelies at 10mph.

  2. I have tom completely disagree with Lukas.

    Riding between vehicles is not the issue – riding at two to three times the other vehicles speed is the issue. It is easy to negotiate a bike around stationary objects (or much slower ones), the problem is when the stationary (relatively speaking) object moves and changes lanes. The motorcyclist is free to kill himself for being an ass, I take issue with his right to injure someone else to boost his ego or testosterone.

    I have been riding for 30 years. Rockets, dirt and cruisers. Each have their purpose. None are intended for this. The sooner this clown removes himself from the gene pool the cleaner it will be. I just hope he does not take someone else with him and hopefully he does not breed first.

  3. I agree its not meant for public roads, but its guys like this that we pay millions of dollars to entertain us in the x-games and on tv.
    Of course he’s being reckless… and he understands the risk.

    I think you’re right in saying he shouldn’t put others at risk just to get his fix… I mean a 100 mph motorcycle t-boning a car changing lanes won’t just kill the rider on the bike, its gonna put the people in the car in jeopardy as well.

  4. The fact that he could keep it up for 6 minutes, plus the fact that it’s obvious he does it all the time, he’s a obviously smarter than your average wheelie-popping, flying down the road type. Now, “smarter” does not necessarily mean “smart,” so don’t jump on me about that. I think he’s completely stupid and played way too much GTA 4. Although, eventually, the same thing’s gonna happen to him that happens to me in GTA 4 whenever I fly around zipping through cars like that – inevitably, he’ll fly by a car that happens to want to shift lanes at that exact instant, and he’ll go flying a hundred feet through the air, skid on the ground, and not get up. Except, in GTA4, you respawn, perfectly fine, at the nearest hospital. The only plus I can see is that he has a hell of a lot of fun doing that, and probably won’t feel the impact when he finally does meet that unlucky car.

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