Tornadoes Cross Missouri

Storms with tornadoes and hail cut a path across Missouri on New Year’s Eve.  Temperatures were supposed to soar to nearly 70°F before plummeting tonight to the mid 20’s – a perfect scenario for tornadoes.

Several fatalities occurred  in outstate Missouri.  No fatalities in the St. Louis are as of now.

Here are some videos of the damage in the St. Louis area from the FOX news station in St. Louis.

Three people were killed in the Rolla MO area.  Rolla is about 100 miles southwest of St. Louis.  Here’s a report from that area.

12 thoughts on “Tornadoes Cross Missouri”

  1. Missouri and Arkansas were slammed by the tornado that began in Oklahoma. Let’s pray for the lost souls and their families.

    • I’ve actually been “in” a tornado here in Georgia, many years ago. It didn’t hurt our house but put three trees through the roof of the house across the street. It’s a real crap shoot with tornadoes! BTW, it was scary as hell! Heavy rain, then heavier rain, then sideways rain, then instant silence…then it hit! Yikes! Batten down the hatches and hope for the best! Let’s all just pray for minimal damage and loss of life.

      • me too but it didnt really “touch down” but it did take out a pine tree in the yard that I wanted cut anyway soo it was all good

  2. This Texas flatlander has certainly seen this kind of action before, but not at this time of year. Y’all take care.

  3. Early this AM, we have a front move in with thunder and lightening and freezing rain in NE Kansas. Some of the weirdest weather I’ve seen.

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